Week 1 July 15th – July 19th 2024
    Week 2 July 29th - August 2nd 2024


    Camp Fee

    Camp Cost $670.00
    Early Registration (May 15th) $620.00
    The camp may qualify as a dependent care FSA expense.

    On-Ice Program

      This session is the most important session in our minds because without a solid foundation in your skating it’s hard to develop as a hockey player. Players will go through Power skating drills working on edges, foot speed, control, balance, and agility. This is Coach Tilley’s area of expertise and he takes great pride in teaching this portion of the hockey school.

    • Session 2 – HOCKEY SKILLS
      The focus of this session will be Passing, stickhandling, and shooting. Each day we will focus on one of these skills and teach the basic fundamentals of each skill. We will then do specific drills to provide repetition at a high level of speed. At the end of this session each day we try and incorporate a fun game for the last 10 minutes of the session. And remember, there is no player that can work enough on the basic puck skills of hockey whether your play travel hockey or in-house hockey.

      During this session we try and introduce the basic systems involved with the game of hockey through controlled scrimmages with many stoppages so Paul and Ted can correct and teach on the ice. We will focus on team play, proper positioning in the offensive and defensive zones with the emphasis on breakouts, fore checking and back checking. We feel we are one of the only schools that will introduce the concepts through chalk talks in the morning and then properly correct the players on the ice and explain to them in detail these basic fundamental systems of ice hockey.

    Off-Ice Program

      Everyday each group will have a chalk talk with Paul or Ted going over in detail what we are tying to accomplish in the Skills Session and the Controlled Scrimmage Session. By spending 20-30 minutes explaining to the players on the Dry Erase board what we are going to work on and what we expect of them our time on the ice can be utilized more efficiently.By doing this it is much easier for young players to get a grasp on the team play aspect of the game – Basic Positioning, Breakouts, Fore check, Faceoff alignments.

      Each group will have one session per day with our off ice program, including working with a certified insturctor in the panthers ice den fitness center. It will consist of a combination of stretching techniques, sprints, plyometrics, and relay races all geared toward quickness and agility. We will also incorporate an off ice activity every day playing baseball, basketball, and football.

      During our Dynamic Power Skating Session on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each player will be video taped. We will then have each player watch themselves on TV in the Video Session and Paul or Ted will provide feedback to every single player to help improve the skating skill we are working on that day.

    School Format

    1. Goalie Instruction
    Goalie registration will be on an individual basis. We will accept goalies based on age and ability. Goaltender instruction will be provided if there are enough goalies registered. Discounts will apply to goalies so please call us or email us to discuss the details prior to sending in your registration form.

    2. School Times
    The school will begin each day between 8:30am – 9:00am depending on your location. The school will be a full day hockey school ending between 4:00-5:00pm. The Top Gun Staff will provide additional supervision if parents can’t pick up their children at the conclusion of the day and will be there early in the morning if parents need to drop off players.

    3. Lunch Options
    Players can bring their own lunch or purchase a lunch each day.

    4. Ice Hockey Equipment Needed
    A Top Gun Hockey Jersey will be provided to every player. Please check the appropriate box for your child’s correct size on the registration form. Always order one size bigger than you would normally purchase for your child. Full hockey equipment is required.

    5. Off-Ice Clothes Needed
    Each player is required to wear running shoes everyday no sandals. They will also need a T-shirt, shorts, feet socks and a towel. It is recommended that every player bring an extra T-Shirt and that players don’t wear the same clothes under their equipment that they wear for off ice conditioning.

    6. Parental Involvement
    Parents are more than welcome to attend the on ice sessions daily. We encourage that at least one family member attends ‘The Big Game’ on Friday and stay for the award ceremonies. The daily ice time schedule will be mailed to you with your confirmation letter for the school.

    7. Supervision
    The Top Gun staff will help your child put on his/her hockey equipment if needed, and the staff will supervise the dressing rooms and all the scheduled activities at all times during the day. Our staff has developed a unique relationship with our players in past years and we expect the same this coming summer. The staff is hand picked by Paul and Ted and participate in formal training prior to working with us.

    8. Orientation
    We will have an orientation before the school starts. We will notify you by mail of this date and we hope all players and parents can attend. We will have a meeting to introduce the parents and players to our staff and go over the week’s activities. We also hand out jerseys to each player and give parents a daily schedule for the week.

    9. Cancellation Policy
    No full refunds will be given. If the player is not able to attend, we must be informed at least 10 days prior to the start of Camp. If we can replace your child’s spot with that of another player Top Gun Hockey will refund you the money minus a $50.00 administration fee. There is no reduction in fees for late arrivals or early departures. Once the camp has begun, no refunds will be given. Top Gun Hockey School retains the right to terminate the stay of any student when it is deemed to be in the best interest of either the student or the school.

    10. Who Can Register
    Anyone that currently plays ice hockey either in a House League or Travel Program and is between the ages of 5-15 years old.  We encourage both males and females to enroll.  We will adjust the groups according to ability and age. Camp times will vary depending on the group your child is in. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY AS OUR PREVIOUS CAMPS HAVE ALL SOLD OUT EARLY!

    typical daily schedule (subject to change)

    8:30–9:00 Arrive to Rink
    9:00–10:00 Ice Session 1
    (Dynamic Power Skating)
    10:15–10:45 Video Analysis
    11:20–12:35 Ice Session 2
    (Skills Session)
    12:50–1:30 Lunch
    2:00–3:00 Ice Session 3
    (Controlled Scrimmage)
    3:15–3:45 Chalk Talk
    3:45–4:20 Off Ice Conditioning
    4:30–5:00 Parents Pick Up

    Florida Panthers IceDen 3299 Sportsplex Drive, Coral Springs, FL