July 15 – July 19 2024

July 29 - August 2 2024


Top Gun Hockey School

This summer will mark the 24th summer that we have been directing summer Camps with Top Gun Hockey School. We cannot believe the time has passed so quickly, but is been a lot of fun working with all the young players during this time.

We take great pride in developing hockey players as well as coaches. Some of our students have gone on to work with us and now help us direct our camps. We stay in touch with many of our past campers and it is very fulfilling to see where their careers have taken them.

Paul and I have directed 3 weeks each summer during those 28 years. I believe that we can provide a higher level of instruction and bring more energy and passion to each week because of this.  We don’t spread ourselves to thin and hire people to do our jobs on the ice. We direct every on ice session so we know what the players are going to receive in the form of instruction and to make sure everything is done right!

Teaching at Hockey Camps is a passion we have and Paul and I have formed a great friendship through this process. We are not looking to expand into every State or Province, we want to keep it small and intimate and make sure we are provide a an excellent product during our 3 weeks.

Development, Motivation and fun

"Simply put, top gun is the best hockey camp for learning, getting motivated, and just having fun. Paul, ted, and the entire staff do a great job getting each player to reach beyond their current level of play and there are nothing but smiles at the end of the week."-Ennino murroni (boca Raton, Fl)